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About Subharmonic

The founders and core team at Subharmonic are trained as technical economists and computer scientists from Cornell and UCLA.
In addition to their technical pedigrees, our team members have followed low-probability paths in life. Our team aggregates knowledge across different disciplines to develop novel and disruptive technologies.

Our Expertise

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Financial Economics

Financial economics is at the core of Subharmonic. Our expertise in this area spans asset pricing, macrofinance, market microstructure, mathematical finance, and blockchain finance.

Software Development

Subharmonic focuses on building systems that generalize and efficiently scale. We have experience in Python, R, Solidity, Javascript, Java, and OCaml to name a few.

Blockchain Applications

Subharmonic recognizes that blockchain has the potential to transform society. We are passionate about that and have embraced the technology and its ecosystem. We build both blockchain and financial systems.

Research and development

Combining our expertise in economics, software engineering, and blockchain technology, we build projects that increase market efficiency and disrupt legacy financial systems for the betterment of society.

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Current Project


Blockchain Application

Subharmonic is currently working toward developing the software frontend, backend, and smart contracts for a trustless settlement of financial derivatives contracts. We are working on creating a solution that will involve efficient algorithmic market making of financial markets, and improving liquidity in markets by incentivizing agents through capital pooling systems.

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Patrick Kiefer


Edward Mehrez


Austin Liu

Software + Cryptographic Engineer

Preston Rozwood

Software+ML Engineer

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